my work

As a Senior Product Learning Specialist at SAP, I use my unique technical expertise, product knowledge and speaking skills to create remarkable online content for SAP developers worldwide.

My contributions have been pivotal in developing SAP’s new online learning platform, which now serves millions of learners. I’ve produced an extensive array of digital materials, including hundreds of blogs, course lessons, videos, and more, engaging over 200,000 active learners.

Currently, I’m focusing on creating technical enablement content for a variety of SAP Cloud products, such as SAP BTP, SAP BTP Kyma Runtime (Kubernetes-based), SAP BTP Cloud Foundry Runtime, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Business Application Studio, and SAP Build. My role involves extensive collaboration with teams across Product, DevRel, Comms, and Marketing departments.

My efforts have been recognized through several SAP internal awards. Below is a selection of my videos for further insight. Visit the teaching-section to explore the courses I have developed.